On the path to a sustainable future

Join us on our journey to a sustainable future. We’ve already made great progress: we’ve set a lot of steps in motion, with more following every day.

As a company, we are developing sustainable solutions to lower our carbon emissions at every level, from reducing our material and energy consumption to saving on paper, business travel and face-to-face meetings by focusing on digital alternatives. Sustainable materials, innovative technologies and strict quality management under fair production conditions further guarantee durable quality and keep our ecological footprint small – and we are taking every step we can to make it even smaller. Take a look at what we’ve achieved so far!

There are many ways to achieve our goal.
So let’s get started.

Products and

High-quality products and sustainable materials made in Germany – at Eschenbach, sustainability has many facets.


9 tonnes less paper

At Eschenbach, printed catalogues are a thing of the past. Our focus on digital marketing helps us save around 9 tonnes of paper every year.

Reaching our goal takes a clear vision ...

Mobility and

We have reduced our mobility and made it more eco-friendly:

  • We travel less and instead opt for more virtual meetings.
  • To save unnecessary commutes, we have made sure our employees can work from home – or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.
  • And when we need to go from one of our Nuremberg locations to another, we use our electric cars.

... the proper equipment and the right spirit.

Infrastructure and

We are reducing our energy consumption wherever we can – with a downward trend.

  • In our production and logistics halls, we employ timer switches, daylight control and energy-saving LEDs so that we only use lighting when we really need it.
  • Our IT servers get their electricity from a renewable source: hydropower.
  • We have implemented an energy management system for our Nuremberg locations and regularly work on improvements with our energy advisers.

1.8 tonnes less new plastic

By adding a packing innovation to our polybags, we save around 1.8 tonnes of new plastic every year. And we are working on saving even more.

Because sometimes less is also better.

Logistics and

When it comes to transport and packaging, we believe protecting the environment is just as important as protecting our products.

  • Since 2018, Eschenbach has been a member of amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. We have improved the social sustainability of our supply chain with the support of the amfori BSCI. amfori-logo.png
  • Protecting the environment is also part of our Corporate Code of Conduct, which applies to us and to our suppliers.
  • Our logistics department uses incoming boxes to store, transport and ship our products.
  • When shipping our products within Germany, we opt for climate-friendly transport via DHL GoGreen whenever possible.

Our standards: High-quality glasses and eco-friendly production.

Communication and

Whenever we can save paper by using digital communication measures, we do!

  • We have drastically reduced the number of our print products, completely doing away with our Eschenbach print catalogues, for example.
  • Instead, we focus on providing information and marketing measures in digital formats.
  • At our points of sale, and in our print media, we increasingly opt for more sustainable and eco-friendly materials.
  • And when it comes to designing our trade fair stands, we trust kohlhaas*partner, which has been certified as a sustainable company by industry representatives and climate protection agency CO₂OL, which is recognised by the German government. kohlhaas*partner sends our graphics to the Under One Roof project (“UNTER EINEM DACH”), where they are upcycled to create unique and sustainable bags.

2.494t CO₂e compensated

Through the climate protection project "Clean Energy from Hydropower, Vietnam", we have already compensated for greenhouse gas emissions totalling 2.494t CO₂e through emission certificates.


Shaping the future together

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