Optics Products

Sustainable products from the development stage on

Our products stand for the utmost quality that meets the highest standards of optical performance, intuitive operation and reliability; at the same time, protecting people and the environment is extremely important to us. That’s why we consider product development as the first step towards sustainability: besides innovation, ensuring our products are as durable as possible is at the heart of every development.

Eco-friendly materials and efficient manufacture

We aim to contribute to protecting nature by conserving resources and using them in an eco-conscious manner.

That’s why we always bear the environment in mind when selecting and using our materials and resources – from production to packaging.

By using state-of-the-art technologies and precise production methods, we have also optimised the manufacture of our products to ensure maximum energy and material efficiency. We regularly monitor and improve our production processes and avoid manufacturing steps that require a great deal of energy.

Optimised logistics and transport routes for products made in Germany

Thanks to our Vision Technology Products in particular, we are considered a guarantee for innovation and high-quality brands made in Germany. Producing and manufacturing our analogue magnifiers in Germany allows us to meet our high standards when it comes to protecting the environment and conserving resources as best possible. Short transport routes in the greater Nuremberg area help us contribute even further to more sustainability, as does our use of returnable packaging when shipping to and from our suppliers.

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